Stonepark Home and School

Minutes from May 26 meeting.

In Attendance: Margaret Morse, Carolyn Courtney, Tracey Willoughby and Norman Beck

  1. Welcome and opening remarks: Margaret welcomed the three of us to the meeting.
  2. Approval of Agenda:                                  Approved  Carolyn,Tracey
  3. Review and approval of old minutes:    Approved  Carolyn, Tracey
  4. Treasurer’s Report:                            Approved Tracey, Margaret
  5. New Business:  Parking lot/ Sidewalk update –  A few issues in the parking lot but overall things are working well. Parking lot is cleared by 3:08 at the latest. Bus drivers are having a hard time getting into and out of the parking lot some days due to cars parking on both sides of Pope Drive just outside of the parking lot.- maybe some no parking signs would help clear up this problem area. Also maybe a review of the traffic flow youtube video.
  6. Grade 9 closing: Separate planning meeting. Decorate and set up tables Monday, June 27th 6:00-8:00
  7. Principal’s Report:

    1. Good news stories -1. Destination Imagination in Tennessee – amazing experience!

    2.  What’s In Style?

    2. Academic Instructional / Curriculum –

    – Glee Club performed in Music Monday at Sherwood, and our Honors Band students in Summerside.

    – Grade 7 Band students in S’side at Band Days.

    – Grade 9 Band trip to ABF – another excellent performance.

    – Provincial Heritage Fair for Grade 7 English students – 5 students won 7 prizes.

    – Transition / MAPS meetings ongoing.

    – Grade 10 registration and information sessions held.

    – Second school-wide writing assessment.

    – JA Economics for Success for Grade 8’s was held once again.

    – Grade 7 Orientation was held.
    –  Grade 7 Parent Information session held.
    – Norman attended CAP Conference (Canadian Association of Principals) in St. John.
    – Staffing for next year Projected – +69 students. Just received our numbers today, but we will have at least this breakdown:

    7’s – 2 CFI (28-29) 4 LFI (28-29), 6 Eng (25-26)

    8’s – 2 CFI (28-29), 4 LFI (27-28), 6 Eng (27-28) (maybe 7 HR classes)

    9’s – 2 CFI (22-23)  3 LFI (22-23), 5 Eng (29-30) (maybe 6 HR classes)

    3. Non-academic –

    – SGB – Will most likely meet our goal of $8,000 – big day for Grade 8’s.

    – Easter Seals Ambassador Tour. Donation made on students’ behalf.

    5. Upcoming dates to remember:

    June 1st – Spring Concert – 7:00.

    June 2nd –  9:00 – Recognition Assembly

    June 3rd – Last day to borrow books.

    June 11th – All books returned to the library.

    June 17th –  Library closed for the year.

    June 20th – Grade 9 IMA (only exam)

    June 24th – Grade 9 year end activity here at the school.

    June 27th – Grade 7 and 8 trip to Sandspit. Pilot for this year going a day early.

    June 28th – Last instructional day. Grade 9 closing at 11:00 followed by luncheon in the cafeteria.

  8. Round table:Foyer events – Do we need them? Cell phones on during class time – On going problem- what is the solution?
  9. Suggestion box: Nothing in the box.
  10. Meeting adjourned 8:00



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    Looks good thanks

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