Stonepark Home and School Minutes

Stonepark Home and School Meeting
November, 26th 2015
1. Welcome and opening remarks: Margaret Welcomed all to the meeting.

2. Approval of the agenda: Motion carried

3. Review and approval of old minutes: Old minutes are posted online.

4. Treasurer’s report: We will be changing signing authority to two people on all cheques. A new budget has been accepted. We have a new volunteer Tracy Ellsworth to shadow Carolyn this year to take over next year as treasurer.
Principal’s Report – Nov 26th, 2015

Good news stories –

1. Remembrance Day Assembly / exemplary behavior and respect.
2. “Award winning Green Team”. Call 2 Recycle presentation Dec 16th.
3. Successful resolution to our parking lot dilemma.

Academic –
– Staffing change in EA’s – Carolyn Stevenson hired through additional time allocation.
Laura Lindsay will remain in Phys Ed position until the end of the year.
Sue Geddes on leave until Christmas break. Replacement tbd.
– Data tracking with in-school assessment – focus on organization as part of our school effectiveness goal.
– Parent-Teacher Conferences held.
– Read-In ongoing once again with guest speakers, bookmark contests, trivia contest.
– “Rythym of Wartime” presentation for Grades 7 and 8 English students.

Non-academic –

– Completed fire drills, bus evacuations, and lockdown drills.
– Re-takes done.
– Grade 9 immunizations held.
Dec 4th – PD Day (no classes)
Dec 2nd – 3rd – Grade 9 photos – need parent volunteers on those days.
Dec 3rd – Christmas Concert
Dec 8th – Report cards issued.
Dec 10th – Student Social. 6:00 – 9:00
Dec 11th – Red and Green Day in support of needy families
Dec 16th – 9:00 a.m. Call 2 Recycle presentation in library.
Dec 18th – Ugly Christmas Sweater Day in support of needy families.
Dec 22nd – Last instructional day – Grade 7’s at Pownal in am, Stonepark’s Got Talent in the pm.
Jan 4th- First day of classes in 2016.
Jan 13th – Grade 9 photo retakes
Jan 14th – Honors Band Sectionals held here at Stonepark.
Jan 21st – Next Home and School meeting.
5. Round table: Many things were discussed, Lots of positive feedback about the parking lot. We are happy about the parking lot results. It took many hours and meetings and in the end there is better traffic flow and our students are safer. We are in the process of writing a letter to the city about a new sidewalk by the soccer field. Hour of code and battle of the books, also suggested was a new signup sheet for Chess club and for it to be on a regular basis in a quieter spot. Air quality testing was brought up and the question on when it was last completed in our school.

6. Grants and Resolutions: Any new ideas?

7. Suggestion Box: It contained three suggestions that were discussed at the meeting. One of the suggestions was to have full lockers instead of ½ lockers. Unfortunately we don’t have the space to have full lockers with the number of students in our school.

8. Date and Time of next meeting: January 21st in our Library at 6:30 all are welcome to attend. snacks will be provided

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Triple P Positive Parenting- Free Seminar

The province launched Triple P Positive Parenting last week and, with this launch, there are going to be free seminars for parents to attend. The seminar in Charlottetown is on November 10th, 2015 from 7:00 – 9:00pm at Colonel Gray. For more information, please visit the following website:

Triple P Parenting. When it comes to raising kids and teenagers, how do you know what’s best and what works? The Positive Parenting Program takes the guesswork out of parenting.

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Stonepark Home and School Meeeting – Minutes from October 8th

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Margaret welcomed all to the meeting.
Treasurer Report
Carolyn Courtney gave the treasurer’s report. $577 was raised in ‘Pass the Hat’ on Meet the Teacher Night.
New Business
Parking lot update – Mr. Beck showed us a plan for the parking lot, and after much discussion, it was decided that our concerns were not met.
JOHS committee – Margaret Morse is a member of the school’s JOHS (Job Occupational Health and Safety) Committee.
Email from Tracey – Tracey Willoughby sent an email, on the behalf of the Home and School, to the English Language School Board about the parking lot.
Federation support – Peter Rukavina, the president of the Home and School Federation, has offered support in moving things forward with the parking lot issue.
Gr9 closing – review/ gluten-free table – The gluten-free table will be moved to a new location to avoid cross-contamination. We will offer Buns & Things ordering again this year.
Parking lot pickup – We will offer this again. It is easy to do, though we will have two people, instead of one, taking things back to the school for refrigeration.
Ice cream social – It will be changed to half an hour instead of forty-five minutes.
Meet the teacher – There will be a notice sent out before this night informing the parents of the ‘Pass the Hat’ at meet the teacher night.
Socials – There is a danger of losing the socials if we do not get enough parent volunteers and student participation.
School supplies – end of year – We will have collection boxes for leftover school supplies that would otherwise be thrown out by the students.
Breakfast Program – We are wondering if the breakfast program needs support since losing the support of the Queen Street Co-Op.
Grants and resolutions – We have asked the parents for ideas on grant and resolution ideas.
Volunteer hours for Gr10 – get more info to give for Gr9 summer? – Tracey is to find out more information.
Pamphlets from Home and School Federation – This will be set up for Parent-Teacher Interviews in November. Up to $2000 for those who qualify.
Recruitment – Bridge pass draw for volunteers? Need replacements to mentor. – Everyone attending the Home and School meetings will be entered into a draw for a bridge pass at the end of the year.

Principal’s Report
Principals Report – Oct 8, 2015
1. Good news stories –
1. Our annual Terry Fox Run / Pep Rally – $1,000 for cancer research.
2. PEI School Adminiskaters – 6,800 for Cancer Society.
3. Rachel Ashley presentation at school.
4. School golf team wins silver medal at provincials. 5 year streak ends.
2. Academic –
– 834 students. 325 (12 homerooms), 256 (10), 253 (10).
– Staffing updates – Laura Lindsay (Kathleen Canning) – Gym,
Grade 7 – Nessa Shipley, Tara Jefferey, Jennifer Spence, Katherine Rajamannie, Dave Shellington returns from leave, Ellen Gillis on mat leave.
Grade 8 – Lisa St. Coeur, Aritho Amfoublela
Grade 9 – Katie Moore (replacing Chris Aiken, who is replacing Greg Campbell, who is on leave)
EA’s – Kelly Laflamme (permanent) and Emily Burhoe (replacing Brian Trainor, who is on leave) .
– School Goals –
1. Character Development – Work Ethic and Attitude
2. Literacy Goal – writing prompt on personal expressive – moderated marking with in-school rubric. To be written week of Oct 26th during LA classes.
– Admin team will be attending Administrators retreat on Oct 20,21.
– Jackie Reid implementing “Chrome Book” with all Grade 8 Science
– Grade 8 teachers working with Progress Monitoring. Darcy McCourt – Literacy Coach .50 FTE.
3. Non-academic –
– Magazine Campaign ended. Sales much better this year – lots of excitement with illusionist.
– Completed fire drills and had meeting with bus drivers. Bus evacuations done.
– School pictures taken. Re-takes on Oct. 28th.
4. Upcoming Dates to Remember:
Oct 8 – 9th – Duke Trip Oct 12 – Thanksgiving
Oct 16th – Student Vote Oct 19th – Illusionist Sean Watson
Oct 22 – 23rd – TF Convention Oct 28 – Photo re-takes
Nov 4 – TOKW (no classes – Grade 9 only) Nov 5 – Remembrance Day Assembly
Nov 10 – Lockdown Drill Nov 11 – Remembrance Day (no classes)
6. Discussion Items:
* Parking lot
* Green Team initiative

Suggestion Box
There were only two suggestions in the box. One was for paper towels, which was decided to be too messy, as they were all over the floor. The other suggestion was for a Debate Club, which was decided to be a good idea. Mr. Beck is currently looking into finding a teacher supervisor.

Round Table
There was more parking lot discussion. It was also discussed that new computers and Wi-Fi would not be brought into our school until approximately 2017. Mrs. Burry gave a ‘Green Team’ demonstration about a new sorting system. She is looking for any Green Team grants available. She is also doing a used-batteries drive at the school. We are looking into a recycling fundraiser, with more information to follow. Also, Maureen Kerr, the Home and School Representative for the Charlottetown Rural family of schools, inquired about anyone wishing to attend the Home and School semi-annual meeting, which is to be held at Three Oaks Senior High School on Tuesday, October 20.

Closing Remarks
Thank you to all the parents who came to our first meeting. We had a great turnout, and we hope to see you all at our next meeting on November 26th, at 6:30, in the library.

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You are invited…To attend the first Home and School meeting of the year!

Please join us in the school Library at 6:30 on Thursday, October 8th

A few of the things that we will be discussing are Parking lot issues and hopefully updates,Home and School goals for this school year and upcoming school events.

We will try to keep this meeting to 1 hour.

Refreshments will be served.

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who helped out with donating food and/or time to the grade nine closing. These events could not happen without you.

Good luck to the families moving on to high school, we wish you all the best.

Margaret, Tracey, and Carolyn – Stonepark’s Home & School Executive

Enjoy a safe summer,see you in September.

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Stonepark Home & School Minutes May 14th, 2015

Present: Mr. Beck, Margaret Morse, Carolyn Courtney, Tracey Willoughby
Welcome – Margaret welcomed all to the meeting.
Old minutes- Reviewed and approved – T.W. and C.C.
Treasurer’s report- We currently have 1139.57 in the bank. This will go towards
the grade 9 closing and end of year gift to the school and also the Ice Cream Social in
September on meet the teacher night.
New Business- Ford drive my car event- June 3rd 10:00 – 7:00 pm
We need people to test drive cars and do a short survey. There will also be a canteen.
Sandy Grant update – They are finished and on our YouTube channel. Great job, Sandy!
Parking lot update – There will be a meeting June 2nd at 2:45
Grade 7 welcome/meet the teacher night/ice cream social – Moving forward we think it is a good night and we will do it again.
Parent Consultation Sessions – Tracey attended this session as a group with the Charlottetown Rural Family of Schools discussing student academic achievement and a round table discussion on our priority to increase student achievement.
Grade 9 Closing – Set up an email sign up for the closing early June. We need volunteers for set up the night before/day of the closing and food donations.
Principals Report – May 14th, 2015
Good news stories –
1. Sylvia Henderson – Golden Apple Award
Pascal Math Provincial Champions (repeat) – Nick Redmond, Allison Winter, Jerry Zhao
Charlottetown Youth Orchestra (comprised of mostly Stonepark students) – gold medal in Music Festival (repeat).
SGB Tiger Taco Burger – staff / community buy-in – and SGB Concert – great reviews.
2. Academic Instructional / Curriculum –
Jazz Band performed in Music Monday at Sherwood.
Grade 7 Band students in S’side.
Pre- Service teachers finished up May 6th. Now a 1 year program – longer stint.
School Heritage Fair for Grade 7 English students.
Transition / MAPS meetings ongoing.
Grade 10 registration and information sessions held.
Grade 9 ILA completed. As well as school-wide writing assessment.
JA Economics for Success for Grade 8’s
Staffing for next year Projected – +75 students
7’s 2 CFI (27) 4 LFI (28-29), 7 Eng (23-24)
8’s 2 CFI (23), 3 LFI (25-26), 6 Eng (23-24)
9’s 3 CFI (23-24) 2 LFI (29-30), 5 Eng (24-25)

3. Non-academic –
SGB – On target for $7500 +
Easter Seals Ambassador Tour
Upcoming dates to remember:
May 14th – 15th – Grade 9 band trip to Wolfville.
May 14th – Provincial Heritage Fair
May 15th – Grade 7 Orientation (no classes for Grade 7 students)
May 18th – Victoria Day (no school)
May 19th – Grade 7 Parent Information session – 7:00 in the cafeteria.
May 21st – Bus evacuations – 2nd drill.
May 24th – End of SGB 2014 and MS Walk – pledge sheets available.
May 29th p.m. – What’s In Style?
June 2nd – Spring Concert – 7:00.
June 3rd- 9:00 – Recognition Assembly
June 3rd – 10:00 – 7:00 – Ford Drive My Car Event – volunteers needed.
June 9th – Last day to borrow books.
June 16th – All books returned to the library.
June 22nd – Grade 9 IMA (only exam)
June 23rd – Library closed for the year.
June 25th – Grade 9 year end trip
June 26th – Grade 7 and 8 trip to Sandspit.
June 26th – Grade 7-8 report cards issued at the end of the day.
June 25th – Last instructional day. Grade 9 closing at 11:00 followed by luncheon in cafeteria.

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PEI Home and School News

  1. School Bus Driver Award

Nominate a school bus driver to receive the 2015 School Bus Driver of the Year Award from the PEI Home and School Federation. Submission deadline is Friday, May 15, 2015. Find more details at:

  1. Hold Elections in Spring to be ready for Fall

Home and School Associations are encouraged to hold elections for officers at May/ June meetings. Find “how to” tips in the Home and School Handbook, pg. 29 at: / 902-620-3186 / 1-800-916-0664.

  1. Wellness Grant Program

Wellness Grant Program is open to Home and School Associations. Deadline for applications is May 29th. See:

  1. Welcome to Kindergarten (WTK) / SMARTSaver
    Dates/ times for this year’s WTK sessions are outlined on the English Language School Board’s website at:

SMARTSaver – over 80,000 information cards are being circulated in Welcome to Kindergarten bags, which are given to parents across Canada that have children who are starting their first year of school. Find details at:

  1. Resolutions presented to English Language School Board
    The nine resolutions adopted by delegates at our 2015 Annual General Meeting were presented to trustees at the April 28, 2015 meeting of the English Language School Board. The slides presented to trustees, which summarize each resolution, are available online for review.
    Next school board of trustees’ meeting to be held Tuesday, May 26, 2015, 7:30 p.m., Summerside school board office, 288 MacEwen Road.


Other community news…

Reading Town Canada – is coming to Charlottetown, May 2 – 9, 2015. Partners include PEI Literacy Alliance and Confederation Centre Public Library.

Free Books for Kids – Community groups and organizations who provide services to children in need may apply.

Girls Get WISE Science Retreat! – Experience fun hands-on Chemistry, BioPhysics, Engineering and Technology Workshops: May 23rd; UPEI; 75 seats grades 7-9; $10 Contact: Kim Levesque, Engineers PEI, 566-1268 or /

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Executive Members:
Co-Chair: Margaret Morse
Co-Chair: Tracey Willoughby
Treasurer: Carolyn Courtney

Stonepark is a vibrant school of approx.800 students. Home and School meets 5-6 times a year with some executive meetings in between for extra planning sessions. In our meetings we discuss everything from school assessment results, grants, parking lot safety, to school activities, etc. We are very fortunate to have a great rapport between Home and School and the school administration. There is a school suggestion box , and the student suggestions are discussed at our meetings. This resulted in a chess club being started at the school as well as an upcoming lego club.

Fund Raising – Home and School pass the hat once a year during the meet the teacher night. The generous donations from the parents have been enough to provide for our needs. As well, we run a snack table during the socials that sells cookies etc and water. The money is used for end of year school gifts, teacher appreciation, Grade 9 closing reception, etc.

Parent Leadership Grant – We have utilized two grants this year. The first grant was used for an ice cream social for Gr7 parents It was held in the hour before meet the teacher night. This grant was carried over from last year. Home and School set up a display of school activities and Home and School info. . This was well attended and very successful.
The second engagement project was to enlist our school’s nutrition expert (Mr Sandy Stratton) to create 4 videos on healthy eating topics that will be viewed on the school website by Stonepark parents. There are two videos completed and ready to be launched. They will be officially viewed during the next Parent- Teacher conferences in March. We are very excited about the work Sandy has already done, with two more videos to follow.

Parent Involvement – Stonepark parents volunteer for a variety of functions such as Gr 9 picture day, the book fair, sports events and socials. Home and School is responsible for organizing volunteers, food,and setup/clean up for 2 main events-Teacher/staff appreciation and the Grade 9 reception. We are fortunate to have a huge amount of support from parents in the form of food donations, setting up and clean up for both events. . This year,for staff appreciation, we used an online Google Doc sign-up sheet for the food and volunteers that worked extremely well.

Teacher Appreciation Week – Mon – Principal’s treat day. Tue – Home and School hosted a healthy treat day with fruit, cheese and veggie trays. Wed – Cookies and muffins were provided by parents and coffee by Tim Hortons. Thur – was the luncheon with a huge amount of entrees and desserts donated by parents. Fri – Packages of Fudge were given to each staff member and bus driver. There were also daily draws for gift certificates provided by the parents. This week was greatly enjoyed by the teachers.

Student meals. Stonepark has a breakfast program run out of the “ Bagel Barn” where students can grab a smoothie,some fresh fruit, or a bagel in the morning. There is also hot and cold lunch options provided by Chartwells which utilizes the Zipthru card that can be pre-loaded by parents at home as well (as using cash). There is also a” caring cupboard” that can be accessed by the students.

Meetings – Our Executive attended the semi-annual provincial Home and School meeting and will also attend the AGMl. We also attended a brain-storming session hosted by the Federation. Tracy(co-chair) attended a – seminar on Gr 9 career counselling, outlining the new career counselling directive “My Blueprint”.

Communications – Stonepark uses technology in many ways. There is a daily blog with all the announcements and upcoming events. There is a monthly in-depth newsletter by the Principal which is e-mailed to all parents. Many of the teachers use blogs that include the links to textbooks and homework, as well as emails to reach the parents. The SAS (on auto notification) provides parents with their student’s marks as well as homework assignments. There is Twitter on the school website that is updated with all school happenings.
This year we developed a Home and School blog (with the help of the school computer expert Mark Rooney). On it we post the minutes of every meeting and all new announcements. We are also looking into social media.

Robotics – Over a 10 day period, the Home and School ran a succession of lego robotics sessions using robotic kits borrowed from the federation. It was lots of fun for the students and a Great experience for us.

Community Spirit – Stonepark is a very active school with very active teachers that hosts and supervise numerous activities. In addition to many school sports such as basketball, soccer,dodge ball, field hockey, volleyball and golf, and intermural activities such as dodgeball and tchoukball,etc., there is an on-going early morning fitness program. Seasonal clubs such as skiing and curling are active as well. There is an art club and a chess club and starting soon will be a Lego club and a Glee club.
There are three bands (concert, jazz, and orchestra).As well ,there is a “Gig Room” which gets extensively used by students who wish to sing and play instruments at lunch time.
Grade 9 leadership plays a big role in the school as well as the Duke of Edinburgh group .
There is active Green team that encourages environmental responsibility. The school participated in a National Sweater Day recently that was aired on CBC.
The school encourages compassion ,community responsibility and citizenship by choosing a worthy cause each year and participating in a variety of school-wide activities as part of in” Stonepark Gives Back”.
There are food bank contributions including a Christmas tree of food cans,funds raised from Red/Green Day,as well as food collected during the first student social of the year.
Literacy –In early November there is a library Read-In week, as well as Battle of the Books trivia days to promote literacy. . The school partners with members of the community who come in to present their love of reading to the students.
Events such as these ensure that students are engaged with their school!

Respectfully Submitted
Stonepark Home and School

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Stonepark Home and School Meeting Minutes March 11th 2015

In attendance:
Margaret Morse,Sherri Hogan
Tracey Willoughby, Mike Smith
Carolyn Courtney, Norman Beck

1. Welcome and Opening remarks: Margaret welcomed all to the meeting
2. Approval of Agenda:           Carolyn/ Tracey
3. Review and Approval of old minutes:             Tracey/Carolyn
4. New Business:
Parent/Teacher night: Attendance down 50% which method would be preferred open or scheduled interviews?
Chess/ Lego/ Glee Clubs: Are all up and going.
Annual General Home and School Federation Meeting: April 11 8:00-2:00
Volunteer Draw: Incentive- end of year volunteer prize?
Book Donation: Bread Winner for the school Library and possible Author visit.
5. Principals Report – Mar 11th, 2015

Good news stories –
1. Teacher Appreciation Week – VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!
2. Kenzi Whalen – Island Idol winner. Now going to perform at Cavendish Beach Music Festival.
3. One more provincial championships in B-ball – AA Girls. Silver medal for AA Boys. Double gold medals in The Nogler Tournament
4. Mr. Rooney – performed with the Imagination Movers at Winterfest.
5. Helen Li and Emma Jinks at Canada Games – Emma part of best squash finish ever
Academic Instructional / Curriculum –
– Grade 9 exams were held. New format – took longer than expected.
– Grade 9 FI trip to Ottawa / Quebec
– School Effectiveness Day Jan 30th. (split staff) Collaborative Team Day cancelled Feb 6th.
– Report cards issued Parent-Teacher Conferences held.
– Grade 6 Band orientation held and band testing completed
– Grade 7 LFI meeting for parents . LFI numbers in excess of 100 for next year. Grade 7 numbers expected to be up 60 – 65 from this year.
– Hosted ELSB Honors Band sectional. 25 Stonepark students participated in Honors Band weekend – new high.
– School Science Fair held. Only one participant
– I attended 2 Principals meeting
Non-academic –
– SGB starts tomorrow and Friday (Jersey Day and Hat Day). Multiple Sclerosis PEI the beneficiary. SGB Concert Mar 26th. Student Social Apr 2nd – both in support of SGB 2015
– Grade 9 re-takes and make-up date for immunizations held.
– Wellness Wednesdays / leadership students / healthy eating and positive messaging. Storm cancelled Pink Shirt Day in the pm.
Mar 16th – 20th – March Break
Mar 24th – Grade 10 IB Information session for Grade 9 parents held at Charlottetown Rural at 7:00 pm
Mar 31st – Grade 10 orientation session for students. Charlottetown Rural personnel will be here for an orientation session with our Grade 9 students in the morning. IB and Band information sessions will be held at 1:00 and 1:30 respectively
Mar 31st – a.m. – Stonepark Heritage Fair. The fair will be held in the cafeteria.
April 2nd – 6:00 – 9:00 – Student Social in the cafeteria.

April 3rd and April 6th – Good Friday and Easter Monday. No classes for students.
Apr 7th – Grade 10 registration Parent Information Session at Charlottetown Rural at 7:00 pm
April 8th – PEI Band Days at the Delta
April 8th – 7:00 Home and School re: AGM resolutions.
June 5th (new this year) – Grade 10 registration in the library. No classes for Grade 9 students only.
April 11th – 7:00 – Stonepark Ice Festival in support of SGB 2015.
April 15th, 16, 22nd, and 23rd – Grade 9 students will write the Provincial Intermediate Literacy Assessment.
April 15th – School Lockdown Drill.
April 17th – In-school PD Day for schools in K-9. No classes for students.
6. Suggestion Box: Keys were not available to check it this month.
7. Round Table: Parking lot discussion…We are looking for parents interested in helping move forward the safety of the parking lot. Possible petition? Reaching out to MLA’s?
8. Date and time of next Home and School meeting: April 8th 7:00 in the Library. (Resolutions for AGM only)

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News Items

1. PEI Home and School Federation Annual General Meeting – Saturday, April 11, 2015, Rodd Charlottetown Hotel

Please register now!

Up to 5 voting delegates per school can register.
No limit to non-voting members you can bring in addition!
Parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and staff are all welcome.
Complete details about the meeting are online at:
Registration fee is $30 per person, which includes buffet luncheon. This link takes you to the registration


2. Feedback about storm closures

Parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and staff who have feedback about storm closures, and about the school calendar in general, are encouraged to contact the PEI Home and School Federation office at: The Federation has a representative on the School Calendar Committee and we can bring your concerns forward to that group.

3. Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Education and Early Childhood Development has updated high school graduation requirements to help ensure students are ready to transition to post-secondary education and the labour force. New graduation requirements will better prepare students for future success.

4. 2015-2016 School Calendar

Next year’s School Calendar is on-line at:


  • National Volunteer Week 2015 is a time to recognize, celebrate and thank Canada’s volunteers. The week takes place April 12 – 18 and marks the 12th consecutive year for the national campaign.
    Find more info at:
  • Visualizing Literacy, May 2- 9, 2015 – The PEI Literacy Alliance will showcase the winning photos of its Visualizing Literacy Photo Contest during Reading Town Canada Week.

More at: /

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